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Mr. Imagination / Gregory Warmack
1948 - 2012
The incredible world of Mr. Imagination was "a work of art in progress". Saying this sums up the life of Gregory Warmack who was in the act of creating art ever since he was a young boy growing up on the South side of Chicago in a large family of brothers and sisters. His mother was probably his first creative role model, and from there his energies always focused on transforming his environment into a work of art. Warmack's talent was such that when handed an object of any size or shape, he saw into the object things that ordinary people don't and can't see. This extraordinary gift manifested itself into the ability to change any lost or thrown away piece of common material into a transcendent object by which new life, vitality and meaning were reincarnated.
Watching Mr. Imagination work was to experience the purest form of the intuitive process. He began only with the rawest notion of his final objective. His hands worked as his eyes. They felt each object knowingly and through the tactile senses he learned what it was about the material he needed to know to make it bend, reflect, and act in concert with the other accumulated artifacts. As any piece of sculpture of his took shape, it became clear that the process was been organic, flowing, natural, evolving with unique unpredictability. The act became the ritualistic performance of the shaman. Similarly, magically, new life emerged.
Perhaps the most significant element intrinsic to the Greg Warmack creation process was his belief in the spiritual energies possessed by his pieces which were infused both in the creation process and by the collaborative contributions of the spirit of people both living and dead. As the numerous labor-intensively placed pieces of objects, rubble, and memorabilia accumulated, so did the collective human spirit which simultaneously embellished and cemented the sum total of life experiences that were embodied in the life of this amazing artist and human being.  Thank you, Mr. Imagination, for sharing your incredible vision of life with us.