Bontempo's words describing this series, "They fall in the void with borrowed souls." 

Marcos' personality and emotional shifts have led him to create two separate bodies of work. During the day, Marcos draws and paints very refined landscapes which depict the surroundings of his daily walks. But rather than being vapid, they are stricking by their depth. During the night, he paints a whole other universe, that of a world filled with figures, each one like a scream coming out of a shadow on a theatrical stage. Each one of these figures is floating in space and has a life of its own, all reminders of ancient rituals, of ancestral beings, totems or polymorphic beings.

Spiritual Meanderings
Exhibition Dates:  February 14 – March 29, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, February 14, 6:00 – 8:00 P.M.
Bontempo paints like he breathes, sometimes naturally and other times, in fits and starts, driven by his anxieties and his demons. Alone every day in his studio, often haunted by the outside world, he creates very personal and unique work. His exuberant brushwork and bold colors portray a floating world of polymorphic beings – some human, others half human/ half animal. His figures communicate both psychological turmoil and hope, contorted in pain, yet vital in their vigorous push towards freedom. 
Born in Argentina in 1969, Marcos Bontempo currently lives Ronda, in the mountainous community of Andalusia, Spain, known for its beauty, its bullfighting and important creative individuals who found inspiration there. 
Using ink or acrylic paint in combination with salt and/or iron to create his transformative and expressive paintings. Bontempo’s dark palette of deep red, ultramarine blue, golden yellow and black combine with the emotive gestural abstract quality of his work.