Nicholas Miles Kahn, b. 1964, New York

Richard Selesnick, b. 1964, London

Richard Selesnick and Nicholas Kahn

Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick are a collaborative artist team who have been working together since they met while attending art school at Washington University in St. Louis in the early 1980s. Both were born in 1964, in New York City and London respectively. They work primarily in the fields of photography and installation art, specializing in fictitious histories set in the past or future.   These may include: documentary-style panoramic and square photographs that combine absurdist fantasy and bogus anthropology; elaborately crafted artifact, costumes and sculpture, often constructed of unlikely materials such as bread or fur, painting and drawings ranging from large scale works on plaster to pages of conceptual doodling. Kahn lives in Ghent NY, and Selesnick in Rhinebeck NY.

Their current work features the recreation of the Truppe Fledermaus's Memory Theatre of 1932 with its full complement of Batfolk, Greenmen, Rope-Slingers, and Death-Dancers in all their Carnivalesque glory.  Kahn & Selesnick have participated in over 100 solo and group exhibitions worldwide and have work in over 20 collections, including the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Houston Museum of Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institution. In addition, they have published 3 books with Aperture Press, ScotlandfuturebogCity of Salt, and Apollo Prophecies. Their most recent book, 100 Views of the Drowning World, is available now from Candela Books.





1986     BFAs, Washington University, St. Louis


2015   Truppe Fledermaus, Suny Ulster Gallery, Marbletown NY

           Truppe Fledermaus, Warner Gallery, St. Andrews School, Middletown, Delaware.

           Truppe Fledermaus 3, Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown MA.

           Truppe Fledermaus, Dreams of a Drowning World, Robischon Gallery, Denver Co.

2014Truppe Fledermaus, Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta

          Truppe Fledermaus, Hammer Gallery, Chicago

          Truppe Fledermaus, Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York

          Truppe Fledermaus, Carroll & Sons, Boston

2013Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea, Boise Art Museum, Boise, Id

         Truppe Fledermaus, Cleveland State University, Cleveland

          Truppe Fledermaus 2, Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown, Ma.

         Truppe Fledermaus, Gallery 51, North Adams, Ma

          Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea, Galeria Mü, Bogata, Columbia

         Truppe Fledermaus, Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

         Truppe Fledermaus, Robischon Gallery, Denver

2012Truppe Fledermaus, Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown, Ma.

2011City of Salt, Galeria Mü, Bogata, Columbia

          Apollo Procephies & Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea, Brenau University

          Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea, Carrie Haddad Photo, Hudson, NY

          Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea, Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

          Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea, Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York

          Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea, Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago

          Apollo Procephies & Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea, Museum of 

            Contemporary Photography, Chicago

2010   Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea, Carroll & Sons Gallery, Boston  

           Kahn and Selesnick Cress Gallery, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

           Eisbergfreistadt & Other Fictions Torch Gallery, AmsterdamNetherlands

           Eisbergfreistadt Overbeck-Gesellschaft Museum, Lübeck, Germany

2009Eisbergfreistadt  World’s End Contemporary, London, UK    

Eisbergfreistadt  DNA Gallery, Provincetown, Ma.
           Eisbergfreistadt, Robishcon Gallery, Denver, CO

    Eisbergfreistadt, Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

    Eisbergfreistadt & Apollo Prophecies, Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, WI

    Eisbergfreistadt & Apollo Prophecies, Untitled [ArtSpace], Oklahoma City, OK

2008     Eisbergfreistadt, Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago 

      The Apollo Prophecies, Hiestand Gallery of Art, Miami University, Ohio 

     Eisbergfreistadt, Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York 

      Eisbergfreistadt, Lisa Sette Gallery, Scottsdale 

      Kahn & Selesnick: A Ten Year Retrospective, Aeroplastics Gallery, Brussels  

2007     Eisbergfreistadt, Pepper Gallery, Boston

    Eisbergfreistadt, Irvine ContemporaryWashington DC

2006       The Art of Kahn and Selesnick, Dowd Fine Arts Center, SUNY Cortland

    Kahn/Selesnick: A Ten Year Retrospective, Robischon Gallery,  Denver

2005    The Apollo Prophecies, Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago

    The Apollo Prophecies, Irvine Contemporary, Washington, D.C.

    The Apollo Prophecies, Lisa Sette Gallery, Scottsdale

        The Apollo Prophecies, Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

        Nomadischespuppetheater, Berta Walker Gallery, Provincetown

2004The Apollo Prophecies, Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York

    The Apollo Prophecies, DNA Gallery Provincetown

            The Apollo Prophecies, Pepper Gallery, Boston

2003City of Salt, Focus Gallery, London

    City of Salt, Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York

2002    Scotlandfuturebog, Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York

    City of Salt, Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

    City of Salt, Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago

    City of Salt, Pepper Gallery Boston

    City of Salt, Lisa Sette Gallery, Scottsdale

2001    City of Salt, DNA Gallery, Provincetown

           Scotlandfuturebog, Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, New York

2000    The REC, Past-Future, Palo Alto Arts Center, California    

    Schottensumpfkunftig, DNA Gallery, Provincetown 

    Past and Future, Lisa Sette Gallery, Scottsdale 

    Transmissions from the Schottensumpfkumpftig, David Beitzel Gallery, New York

1999    Schottensumpfkunftig, Pepper Gallery, Boston 

    The Circular River, Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles    

1998    The Circular River, Monique Knowlton, New York 

The Circular River, Eli Marsh Gallery, Amherst College    

    Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery, Kent, Connecticut

Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, New York

    The Circular River, Pepper Gallery Boston

1997    The Pavilion of the Greenman, Monique Knowlton, New York

    The Burren Expedition, East End Gallery, Provincetown 

    The Journals of Peter Hesselbach, Monique Knowlton, New York

    Tent of the Mesmer, Gallery Camino Real, Boca Raton

    The Photographic Journals of Peter Hesselbach, Pepper Gallery, Boston

1996    Tent of the Mesmer, Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery, Kent, Connecticut  

    The Golden Age of Devonshire Semaphore: Royal Excavation Corps Signal Flag

     Manouevres 1934-36, East End Gallery, Provincetown

    The Roodloft of the Drunken Beekeeper, Monique Knowlton, New York

1995    Zelt der Biscuit Mench, East End Gallery, Provincetown

    Chapel Dedicated to the Human Head, Hudson Walker Gallery, Provincetown. Collabrative Paintings, Gallery Camino Real, Boca Raton        

1994    The Eskimo Paintings, Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery, Kent, Connecticut

    The Biscuit Triptychs, East End Gallery, Provincetown

1993       Bog Pastries and Bread Heads from the Archives of the Royal Excavation Corps,                      

       Forum Gallery, New York

    Painted Heads, East End Gallery, Provincetown

The Delusional Object: Banners and Artefacts from the Royal Excavation Corps, Diana Burke, New York

1992     Flagman Artefacts, East End Gallery, Provincetown

1991     East End Gallery, Provincetown

    Owen Patrick Gallery, Philadelphia

    Klein Art Gallery, Woodstock





2014   Alles Maskerade!  MEWO Kunsthalle, Memmingen, Germany

           Breaking Ground  William & Mary College, Williamsburg, Virginia

           Icarus: an Exploration of the Human Urge to Fly UNC Charlotte

           Uncanny Spaces Usdan Gallery, Bennington College

           Dawn to Dusk, Queensland Center for Photography, Brisbane, Australia

           Vanishing Ice, Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, Wa

           Vanishing Ice, El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, Tx

           Vanishing Ice, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Canada

2013   Extraordinary, Nooderlicht Photo Festival, The Netherlands

            Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: An Artist’s Guide to the World, Florence Griswold 

                  Museum, Old Lyme, Ct

            First Contact, Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, Mi.

            Lies that Tell the Truth: Magic Realism in Contemporary Art, Indiana State 

                  University, Terra Haute, In

           Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art, and Invention, The Leonardo, Salt Lake City

           Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art, and Invention, Ulrich Museum, Wichita, Ka

2012   Covet: Art + Objects, Ferrin Gallery, Pittsfield, Ma

           One of a Kind: Unique Artist’s Books, Dalhousie Gallery, Halifax, Canada

           A Dream of Eternity, Villa Empain, Boghossian Foundation, Brussels, Belgium

           Terra Cognita, Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen-Oranjewoud, Netherlands

           Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art, and Invention, The Field Museum, Chicago

           New Yorker Fiction: Real Photographs, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, 

                   Beijing, China  

2011One of a Kind: Unique Artist’s Books, Pierre Menard Gallery, Boston

            New Yorker Fiction: Real Photographs, Stephen Kasher Gallery, New York

            Worlds, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Ca

            Beautiful Vagabonds, Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York

            Saturnalia, Irvine Contemporary, Washington DC

2010The Nature of Cities, United Nations Pavillion, Expo 2010, Shanghai, China

2009    2009 Godowsky Award Winners, Photographic Resource Center, Boston, Ma

Miroirs d’Orients, Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille, Lille, France

Art on the Moon, Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Cologne, Germany

2008    Such Great Heights, Carrie Haddad Photographs, Hudson, NY 

    Melting Ice, Hot Topic, Field Museum, Chicago, IL,

    Melting Ice, Hot Topic, Ministry of Culture, Monaco, 

Eco-Sophia, Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery, University of Nevada,  Reno Nevada, 

2007    Melting Ice, Hot Topic, Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, Norway

    Melting Ice, Hot Topic, Bozar Museum, Brussels, Belgium

    Art from NASA’s Collection The Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC

    Rare Essence, Aeroplastics Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2006    The Twilight Zone, Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, New York

    Fellows, Hudson Walker Gallery, Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, Ma

2005    Dreamscapes, Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

The City: Contemporary Views of the Built Environment, Lehman College Art Gallery, New York

Regional Triennial of Photographic Arts, Center for Photography at Woodstock

2004Dreamweavers, Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York 

The City: Cotemporary Views of the Built Environment, Lehman College of Art

2003    Re-presenting Representation VI, Arnot Museum of Art, New York

First Photographs: Henry Fox Talbot and the Birth of Photography, Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego

2001Rumors of War: A Contemporary Exhibition Inspired by the Art of Jacob Lawrence, Triple Candie, New York.

Digital: Printmaking Now, Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York         Works by Fellows of the Fine Arts Work Center, Cape Cod Museum of Art

Photosynthesis: Recent Developments in Contemporary Photography, Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts

Of Dreams and Dreamers: Art as a Vehicle of Escape, Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago

Photo-Synthesis: Recent Developments in Contemporary Photography, Gallery Camino Real, Boca Raton

2001    False Witness: Joan Fontcuberta, Sputnik, and Kahn/Selesnick, David Winton 

                Bell Gallery, Brown University, Providence

2000     American Art Today: Fantasies & Curiousities, The Art Museum, Florida 

    International University, Miami              

1999    Referencing the Past: Six Contemporary Artists: Kahn/Selesnick, John O’Reilly,

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    Rattling the Frame, 1974-1999, Camera Works, San Francisco 

Dramatis Personae: A Look at Role-playing and Narrative in Contemporary Photography, Photographic Resource Center, Boston University Faces of Time: 75 Years of Time Magazine Cover Portraits, National Portrait 

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Expanded Visions: The Panoramic Photograph, Addison Gallery of American Art, Andover

Self-amused: The Contemporary Artist as Observer and Observed, Brush Art Gallery, Lowell, Ma

 10 Artists/10 Visions, De Cordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, Ma 

 Provincetown in Hudson, Carrie Haddad Gallery, New York

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    Inaugural Group Show, Monique Knowlton, New York

1994-95 Visual Arts Fellows from the Fine Arts Work Center, Drerup Gallery, Plymouth State College





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Madame Lulu’s Book of Fate

November 1 - December 28, 2019


When you look through the porthole of your berth aboard the ship, what do you see? The raging ocean? Distant clouds? A lone iceberg? When you stand on the deck and look through a telescope, what do you see? The future? The past? An undiscovered shoreline? A drowning man? The Truppe Fledermaus invite you to look through the peephole where you shall find scenes of men and women trying to parse that which is to come, speak with those departed, or just finding their pleasure amid the florid decay of a world in decline. For in a world where personal and societal mythologies supersede facts, where the promise of virtual reality threatens to supersede the real thing, what better way to approach an uncertain future than through the arcane methods of augury and clairvoyance – after all, is not prophecy the original fake news?


Kahn & Selesnick’s latest project “Madame Lulu’s Book of Fate” continues the adventures of the Truppe Fledermaus, a cabaret troupe of anxious mummers and would-be mystics who catalog their absurdist attempts to augur a future that seems increasingly in peril due to environmental pressures and global turmoil. In this body of work, the artists also examine the notion of the carnivalesque – traditionally the carnival was a time when the normal order of society was upended and reversed, so that at least for a day the fool might become king, the sinner a priest, men and women might crossdress, and sacred ceremonies and normal mores are burlesqued and spoofed. During such brief times of anarchy, societal pressures were relieved by revealing their somewhat absurd and arbitrary natures. Costumes and masks were traditionally worn so that all people might have the same social status during the duration of the festival. The Truppe ask you to consider: is it the carnival that is upside-down, or perhaps the real world that it purports to burlesque?