While working with narrative painting, an apparently rational approach to art, I’ve always tried to take advantage of the way in which painting (art) allows the artist to bring together the conscious and the subconscious, the rational and the irrational, the realistic and the dreamlike.

 Back in 1997, I started a series of paintings, “Studio of Sin (My Mind’s My Dark Room)”, in which I wanted to explore the deepest recesses of my psyche—using my mind as my studio.  I thought of these paintings as giving me the opportunity to be as goofy and stream-of-consciousness as I could be.  I thought of them as almost an antidote to my more structured “Sinner’s Progress” paintings and hand-made books.

“Lord Knows What I’m Thinking (About Drinking and Running Around)”, was the culmination of this series.  To me it represents a portrait of the brain taken over by the body, the hormones and the subconscious.

Currently I’ve been working on a series whose working title is “Slumburbia”, a land where people live only in their dreams (in dream houses with their dream lovers, working at their dream jobs, etc.).  The two paintings in this show, “Sleepy Beauty” and “Sleepy Brutey”, represent Disneyfield personifications of sloth, a state that Slumburbia’s denizens can fall prey to in this “retirement” community.

BORN                         Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1956

EDUCATION             BA, University of Alabama, Birmingham: Fine Arts, 1979


2002    “Sorror Falls…Joy Rises,” Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York, NY

2001    “Road to No...Where,” Gallery of the School of Art and Design, Lucerne, Switzerland

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1995    “The Beast Years of My Life [A Sinner’s Progress],” Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago

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1993    “Waltz Across Sinland,” Lake Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Waltz Across Sinland,” St. Kilda Art Centre, Melbourne, NSW, Australia      

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1982–Present   PIM, Public Illumination Magazine, Spoleto, Italy


Current: Thesis Coordinator, MFA Illustration Program, School of Visual Arts,

New York City

Printmaking Instructor, Undergraduate Program, SVA, New York City

2001    Visiting Printmaker, School of Art and Design, Lucerne, Switzerland

1999    Visiting Artist, University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale, IL

Lecturer, Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta

Lecturer, “Artists’ Books,” School of Visual Arts, New York City

1997    Visiting Printmaker, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Lecturer, “Cartoonists at the Brooklyn Museum,” Brooklyn, NY

Visiting Artist, Banff Center for the Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada

1995    Visiting Artist, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

1993    Visiting Artist, Melbourne College of Art, Melbourne, NSW, Australia

Visiting Artist, Queens College, St. Kilda, NSW, Australia

Lecturer, Linden Hall, St. Kilda, NSW, Australia

1992    Visiting Artist, Nexus Press, Atlanta


1995    “Co-Mi x Art: Fine-Tooning Pop,” by David Sandlin and Joni Blackburn

1993    “From Myth to Muck: The Art of Fergus Delargy,” by David Sandlin and Joni Blackburn

1992    “Treasures of New York: The Art of John Kindness,” by David Sandlin and Joni Blackburn


1999    New York State Foundation for the Arts Grant

1993    New York State Foundation for the Arts Grant

1992    Swann Award for excellence in Cartooning

Nexus Press Book Grant

1988    PM Foundation Grant

1979    Birmingham Museum Juror's Choice Award, Dennis Oppenheim, juror